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An appeal to CEOs

# safetitude A 2.19 mins video perhaps you may feel a value though. It's an appeal to CEOs who only have all the abilities to influence safety in their organization.

#Safetitude- How dangerous is an Occupational illness?

# Safetitude - How dangerous is an Occupational illness? We talk most of the time about the injury resulted from accidents but seldom pay attention to an occupational illness - a silent demon affecting millions of workers globally. It's not only affecting the well-being of workers that keep them away from work but is also a catalyst of causing secondary injury, leave apart the loss of productivity. One of the prominent occupational illnesses that occur mostly in FMCG, Pharma, Electronic, Textile, Tyre industry is manual material handling related one. It is a need in this industry to look into the problem and find the ways to avoid or at least reduce to a level that is manageable. Have undertaken an assignment of carrying out an assessment with the aid of a tool that is called as MAC Assessment tool to assess the risk factors in manual handling (Lifting/Carrying) that develops later into an MSDs if not attended to. Refer the indicative pic below to understand the severity of the is

Is anything wrong sloganeering: “All accidents are preventable”?

#Safetitude: Is anything wrong sloganeering: “All accidents are preventable”? Up till 20 years back in my early career, I used to say same to motivate others in my efforts to improve safety. After reading the book on Psychology of Safety by E. Scott Geller, my idea changed for the way that I believe now. There’s no harm having this optimism and working for this perfectionism but making workers believe in actually, inhibit achieving a Total Safety Culture (TSC) for higher safety performance. Reason being, workers in the atmosphere may be reluctant to admit they were injured or had a near miss. They try to hide and suppress the facts when they met with an injury. The fear that they may be held guilty if they report getting injured and also causing loss of reward of NO INJURY, will dictate covering up the real causes (as shown in the pic) that might be worked upon to avoid re occurrence. This way, the feedback from workers seize to be surfaced for working on remedial measures which

#safetitude-Safety isn't a leisurely activity!

Many pros are heard admiring that they have a very robust safety system in their organization. Maybe true also. But is it also that workers have orientation, skill, and behavior to respect that system? Is only safety system ( in-built safe machine, safety interlock, safety procedure, PPE, visuals) alone able curbing accidents? After all safety procedure will help avoid an accident only when practiced, PPE will reduce the impact of an accident only when born correctly, safety interlock will protect from exposure only when not defeated. Many big companies do heavy investment on process safety but the investment on safety orientation of employee is ignored or neglected. Therefore, we witness severe accident happening in these organizations involving large-scale loss including multiple deaths. "Safety pays in all way" is a value one should realize at every moment while undertaking any activity. Safety must be integrated and hashtag # balanced considering all the factors respo

Accident Investigation - a formality or a purpose?

Dear readers, in yet another topics after a little pause, I thought I must express my opinion on a very common program in the safety arena and that is Accident Investigation. Although the name itself is not a correct representation of the purpose for which we do this exercise following an accident.  Accident Investigation does more bad than good. An accident rather must be analyzed than investigated in order to find the situations responsible for the accident. Anyway, this is not the topics of review today. What I intend to talk about in this article is about the subject line. In an industry, an accident happens when a person fell because a ladder slipped while replacing a fused bulb standing on the rung of it. As usual, a Safety Officer was assigned to do the so-called Accident Investigation in order to suggest management the ways to avoid a reoccurrence in future. After an investigation, he concluded that the person who was holding the ladder was at err. As a causative factor

@safetitude: 6-Steps Total Safety Culture Model

@safetitude: 6-Steps Total Safety Culture Model Further, an extension to 2 earlier posts that intended to enhance Safety performance and to build and establish a Total Safety Culture (TSC), this is one proprietary designed model as a guide to the journey. The strategy can be started with a small model with a selection of a change agent ( a worker with right safety attitude and zealous to take forward) and making him work through various stages of the model. Once one cycle is established, this can be repeated on the bigger scale until every worker in a business unit is covered. This also can be extended to higher management members in a later phase of implementation.

Fundamental to safety!

@safetitude: In continuation to the previous post on how to improve safety, I'm putting forth one fundamental tool to start with. The new approach to safety has always focused on to the aspects that address behaviors.  Behaviors that go against the safety are not only demonstrated by workmen but also by highers-up in their respective domain. The prime objective of Safety management is to run programs that help every employee realize their responsible (more than the duty) for safety. That is why it becomes fundamental to take inventory of At-Risk-Behaviours (ARBs) at every level and to make a strategical intervention from a wide range of available safety programs. A sample worksheet attached herewith will help to get the direction and lead to adopting an action plan of short as well as of long-term period. As usual, I would love to answer your query, if any.  

Management tool to replace inventory of ARBs with SBs

@safetitude: is a campaign to help bring a total safety culture in industries by designing a game-changing tool suiting to Indian industries. One such element is a worksheet named "ARB-SB Worksheet" to take stock of situations within the organization. The system through this tool is aimed towards replacing inventories of ARBs (at-risk-behaviors) with SBs (safe-behaviours) of all level employee by employing multiple tailor-made interventions. Very soon, you will see a worksheet showing how to proceed with this tool.

@safetitude: Control ARBs – Bring down ACCIDENTS!

@safetitude: Control ARBs – Bring down ACCIDENTS! There are many routines or non-routine kind of At-Risk Behaviours associated with activities one does at his/her respective workplace. These ARBs go noticeably or otherwise at all levels every day. At times a few of them become the reason of a near-miss and sometimes they got converted into life a threatening accident in slightly different circumstances. ARBs are at the stages of accident causation series which when controlled through application of various transformational approaches and techniques may help to avoid an accident and the last terminal event i.e. injury. Introduction of a system in which taking stock of the ARBs in a workplace and working with a systematic plan to replace them with SBs (Safe Behaviours) is a very effective way of improving and sustaining good safety performance. All programs that are run conventionally in an organization may be fitted objectively into this system with the ultimate objective to reduc

Let’s not decide a safety program by tossing a coin

Let’s not decide a safety program by tossing a coin Without revealing name – as it is not necessary, I would like to mention a safety program in vogue with a classic example of obscured perspective. Claiming as a best practice, every entrant to this factory was customarily given half-face cartridge mask along with safety shoes, Apron and Helmet to wear at Security Gate itself. When I myself passed through this phase, I minutely made my observation and concluded the whole process for a mere show off.  The point what I mean to put here is that to implement a safety program, a holistic view is must considering the local need, purpose, and objectivity.  You get vindication of my view so, I tend to ask following several questions. Are these gadgets are essential to be provided at the gate? Would it not be appropriate to keep required nos. at near entry point of the concerned section?  And if these at all are essential, is it not needed by the employee also spending 8-10 hrs. d

Why I’m safety practitioner, campaigner, or counsellor?

@safetitude: Why I’m safety practitioner, campaigner, or counsellor? Several friends of mine spoke privately that why do I mention “I am a safety practitioner, campaigner, and counsellor” instead of proclaiming my designation. The question was genuine in the context that many boasts with designation at social media platform than with function they owe. Nothing is wrong anyway to do that, however, the purpose of being into the profession then gets defeated. A profession gets boost up when we make efforts within this world to create a difference otherwise it remained mere means of a livelihood. Coming back to me, I’m into the profession by choice and not by chance. I chose to be in Safety, though initially, I started my career as power plant professional. What’s better than this that my name SHEO (Safety, Health, Environment Officer) itself reflects of my profession, I’m into.  I feel high of mentioning I’m a safety; Practitioner – for I’m still in a pursuit of a journey (even afte

How to make use of ordinary items to rescue in case of emergency?

@safetitude: How to make use of ordinary items to rescue in case of emergency? Emergency never comes with prior intimation. Neither it strikes choosing the right place, day and time. It appears when you are not equipped with aids and accessories to respond with quickly.  The only thing i.e. skill you have got developed over time works.  It was one fine day when Mother Dairy, Nagpur team learned about the characteristics of an emergency situation and tried hands-on skilling ways to carry victims and make use of blanket/curtain/mat with or without logs to make a stretcher to shift non-responsive person to a nearest medical-aid point.

Is safety performance a concern?

@safetitude:  RBA2S - has been developed with a great amount of rigor and is now being coined to help industry gains at any stage of operation through understanding clear-cut direction and efforts needed to build a robust Safety Management system.   In order to know the risks that an industry inherits in terms of human lives and economic loss at different phases of development, a comprehensive evaluation of each and every function/activity is undertaken and action plan is developed. Post-study you get a good stock of issues that can be resolved basis hierarchy control of risks as short-term or long-term goals. Priority may be worked out taking into account the combined effect (life and money equivalent of property damage owing to a probable accident) of risk. The system in a way guides to employ tailor-made interventions for consistent safety performance.  This system is Risk-Based Approach to Safety. 

Does it make a difference?

@safetitude: They were trying hands-on and turning their knowledge into skill on LOTO (Lock-Out Tag-Out) and Confined Space Working and I was experiencing through them the sense of satisfaction. When they will return back to their site, they would be able to avert accidents that happen in shut down jobs. It was an occasion when a team of Nalco Water India, Pune was doing exercises on simulator specifically designed for practical training having attended classroom session on Safety-On-Site (SOS) comprising a wide range of topics including WAH, CSW, and LOTO. Although it may be the training will not change the whole scenario on safety, certainly, help them get the job done safely under their supervision.

@safetitude: Global Accident Watch

Winning awards, getting recognition, acquiring a degree in the field of safety will mean something when the Global Accident watch slows down. Data published in 2013 by ILO at least indicates so. Isn't it perturbing that 250 M accident in a year ( old data as shown in pic) that keeps workers away from work should come down when we claim that safety is really improving?  Without a gloom connotation, I reiterate the need to work focused to bring a paradigm shift in our approaches to safety.  Every organization should not sit quietly unless they see that safety competes with other functions. They need to realize that safety is a business case that should find a place in business agenda.  I'm sure with this alignment, the accident won't pose a menace

The path to success!!

@safetitude: The path to success has never been without challenges. Everyone who got success has faced them by turning them into opportunity.  The absence of the courage to face challenges is the only difference between an unsuccessful and successful person.  Anyone who tells the story of his/her own success is only worth motivation however in order to be successful you need to make your own one and the only quality you should possess is courage. By this I mean, you may not be successful just following others' way of tackling the challenges.

@safetitude:Safety costs nothing however buys everything.

@safetitude: Safety costs nothing however buys everything. The early it is realized, the faster would be the outcome in terms of Internal amicable relation, Company image boost, brand trust, stack holders increased share and all these for  sustainable growth of the business.  Let safety be integrated in all walks of life in order to thrive on the horizon of success

Will this ignorance help?

@safetitude: will the condition in the pic help fighting fire, if any and save life and property? This condition is not a scene in one industry or two but almost in most because the space near fire extinguishers seems to be only place to make advantage of for stacking materials.  Surprisingly every one ( from workers to managers) becomes ignorant to the situation because they probably fail to understand the importance of keeping fire extinguishers obstruction free.  I'm concerned as how much time is needed to change our ARBs to SBs?

Behavior Based Safety

It was indeed a great occasion to speak on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) to improve safety further in the nation wide prestigious projects of high value and scale executed by Rail Vikas Nigam  Limited(RVNL), Bhubneshwar (India). The program was attended by  33 officers including senior most officials. Even more pleasure was to receive the  program rating as EXCELLENT even by Senior Officers (CPMs) and "I think this is 1000th times better  to that of any recognition a Safety pros receives  from persons technically so superb in their fields. Thank you all, Sirs!!

What is safetitude?

@safetitude: We pros need to make strategy with action plan for implementation as how to influence attitude for safety. The pro safety attitude, called SAFETITUDE will help reduce accidents.

Pledge 2018

@safetitude: To fulfill 2018 pledge, a program " Safety Orientation" is planned on 15/16 Feb. in Pune (India). Happy to meet those wishing to take safety to a level up.

@safetitude: It's my pledge in the year 2018!

@safetitude: It's my pledge in the year 2018! Had said to share, so it's here.  Would like to devote two half days in a month to hold free  "Safety Orientation Program" for Senior most executives at work-site of any manufacturing  plant situated in and around Mumbai/Pune/Aurangabad/Nagpur in state of Maharashtra (India).  I volunteer to share extract from my hard learnt experiences over more than 2.5 decades  to change the mindset  of the top rung officials in the organisation to adopt safety as a business case for their organisation. Any one desirous may contact through contact details at contact page at giving all mandatory details. You may also write your comment, ask clarification etc through same route.