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Accidents do not affect Bottom-line – Is it so?

After a long gap, I’m constrained to write this article in wake of recent spur in accidents-fire, crane/building collapse, mine collapse etc. wherein many are losing lives apart from damage to property and environment. The bottom-line of any business is net profit. Resources are deployed, operated, monitored, and coordinated in a way so as to maximise return on it as net profit. Of all these resources, human resource is considered to be very invaluable, expensive, dynamic yet very sensitive. The business that respect and care for this scarce resource, have been witnessed leading others in their respective fields. There are several ways to demonstrate respect and care of this scarce resource, however providing employee a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring their return to home without injury should find a place above all. As a high human caring business, safety of the employee should be foremost value and should be considered in the core of all planning. However for many, Safe