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Balancing Safety-How much Important?

With the increasing industrialisation with newest process technology, the challenge to safety to protect human being from dangers encountered in due course of employment is also increasing proportionately. In this situation, the approach to safety with yesterday’s tactics won’t yield good result. It is essential to consider each contributory cause of an accident while planning for good safety performance. To reach ultimately closer to ZERO accident - a long term vision, safety must compete with other business functions. In turn, safety management system needs to balance all elements of an accident causation model. Apart from other paradigm shifts in safety, one such important shift is a thought process to see safety as a “system approach” and not as “ piecemeal activity” . We see many organisation claims to ZERO accident for a few years randomly and all of a sudden, they experience spurt of accidents following years. The reason behind this is many but also is because of lack of h