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Required an EHS Trainer in Chandigarh

One organisation is requiring EHS trainer to be stationed at Chandigarh. the incumbent should possess good communication skill and understand the EHS subject matter well. May contact through this contact us head at site .  

Paradigm Shifts 1 - From outcome focused to behaviour focused

In industries where safety target is fixed based on the reduction of injuries we often see the manipulation at every level in the organisation. This led to a situation where efforts are directed towards reduced injury reporting than to improve safety. Reason being, no body wants to be blamed for the failure to achieve the target because he/she didnot follow the safety - reason of injury.   In contrast, a target based on the scoring of safety activities (safe behaviours) people do for safety  brings down the number due to the real attacks on contributing factors of injury and further sense of achievement of target encourage employee to do even more for safety.   If we really want safety to compete with productivity, cost and quality, it has to be recorded and tracked with an achievement score perceived by employees as directly controllable and attainable.   Therefore, seting target like 10 % increase in Safe Behaviours in wearing required PPEs at workplace  rather than 10

Paradigm shifts for total safety

Paradigm shifts for Total Safety I would like to reproduce the philosophy of E. Scott Geller on the subject as it is important to understand by safety practitioners then by anyone else in the organisation. The three new Es - Ergonomics, Empowerment, and Evaluation over the  old ones - Engineering, Enforcement, and Education are modern shifts in safety when one want to go beyond current safety performance and reach new heights in safety excellence. It does not meant that one should abandon old ones but think beyond these in order to prevent injuries. these will be explained further in next blog. 


The organisation came in the existence solely out of passion. It could take shape as a result of long prevailing thoughts to earn allegory of safety by doing something innovative in these fields. It is intended to share with the society what has been gained over the years working in the industry of various sizes and scale. The longing to know to the bottom of the concept of the things has rewarded in form of confidence that I am ready to move ahead. Hope this tiny step will prove to be a giant leap in times to come and will stand on its own firm feet. For more details, visit our website  and request a free quote. Stay Connected with Safetitude By Joining us on- Facebook :