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Is goal of ZERO accident a counter to safety improvement?

It is true that GOAL gives direction to our efforts and keeps a team focused and streamlined for it. When a goal is achievement-oriented (SMART), people align themselves to it and work with greater commitment. When they achieve the goal, a sense of pride for achievement makes them work harder with multiplied conviction at next occasion. Contrary to this, a goal like ZERO Accident is failure-oriented-sorts of a bizarre wish, not a strategic plan to achieve. As a matter of fact, ZERO Accident is an imaginary goal of an overzealous organisation in order to show that it has high commitment to safety. Interestingly, it is a start point of manoeuvre. The culture of workers participation-a key to safety improvement, gets a heavy blow.  Workers who are expected to share even near miss, started hiding injury for no matter how it is serious in fear that they would be reprimanded.  Line function stops recording the case of accident lest it will cause slippage of the target. The defini

@safetitude: Are managers immune to Safety?

                                                  I would like to narrate something that you may call right attitude of manager towards safety. I was first full time safety officer in erstwhile Cadbury India Limited in year 2000. I was reporting to factory manager (revered Jaiboy Phillips) who used to call me “Father of Safety”. I don’t know at that time how much I knew about safety but his understanding of value to safety made me a complete safety man of today. I remember his words saying that there are many in the Company who would tell him of all good things but he wanted me to inform if there was any bad thing needed attention. It was clear instruction that I must inform him anything that affected wellbeing of any person or any deviation that would lead to an accident.   When I have become professionally more mature, I think why do most mangers not perceive safety a value for the organisation? Why do they expect a safety officer to be goody-goody to them? Is it not perti

How LMRA benefits you?

@safetitude: How LMRA benefits you? Even if a detailed Risk Assessment of an activity has been done, yet before you begin a work, you must ensure that all risks related to the work is under control. Using a checklist to identify the risk will help you avoid meeting an accident. This is called Last Minute Risk Assessment which is very effective tool to prevent accident.