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Accident Investigation - a formality or a purpose?

Dear readers, in yet another topics after a little pause, I thought I must express my opinion on a very common program in the safety arena and that is Accident Investigation. Although the name itself is not a correct representation of the purpose for which we do this exercise following an accident.  Accident Investigation does more bad than good. An accident rather must be analyzed than investigated in order to find the situations responsible for the accident. Anyway, this is not the topics of review today. What I intend to talk about in this article is about the subject line. In an industry, an accident happens when a person fell because a ladder slipped while replacing a fused bulb standing on the rung of it. As usual, a Safety Officer was assigned to do the so-called Accident Investigation in order to suggest management the ways to avoid a reoccurrence in future. After an investigation, he concluded that the person who was holding the ladder was at err. As a causative factor