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Let’s not decide a safety program by tossing a coin

Let’s not decide a safety program by tossing a coin Without revealing name – as it is not necessary, I would like to mention a safety program in vogue with a classic example of obscured perspective. Claiming as a best practice, every entrant to this factory was customarily given half-face cartridge mask along with safety shoes, Apron and Helmet to wear at Security Gate itself. When I myself passed through this phase, I minutely made my observation and concluded the whole process for a mere show off.  The point what I mean to put here is that to implement a safety program, a holistic view is must considering the local need, purpose, and objectivity.  You get vindication of my view so, I tend to ask following several questions. Are these gadgets are essential to be provided at the gate? Would it not be appropriate to keep required nos. at near entry point of the concerned section?  And if these at all are essential, is it not needed by the employee also spending 8-10 hrs. d

Why I’m safety practitioner, campaigner, or counsellor?

@safetitude: Why I’m safety practitioner, campaigner, or counsellor? Several friends of mine spoke privately that why do I mention “I am a safety practitioner, campaigner, and counsellor” instead of proclaiming my designation. The question was genuine in the context that many boasts with designation at social media platform than with function they owe. Nothing is wrong anyway to do that, however, the purpose of being into the profession then gets defeated. A profession gets boost up when we make efforts within this world to create a difference otherwise it remained mere means of a livelihood. Coming back to me, I’m into the profession by choice and not by chance. I chose to be in Safety, though initially, I started my career as power plant professional. What’s better than this that my name SHEO (Safety, Health, Environment Officer) itself reflects of my profession, I’m into.  I feel high of mentioning I’m a safety; Practitioner – for I’m still in a pursuit of a journey (even afte

How to make use of ordinary items to rescue in case of emergency?

@safetitude: How to make use of ordinary items to rescue in case of emergency? Emergency never comes with prior intimation. Neither it strikes choosing the right place, day and time. It appears when you are not equipped with aids and accessories to respond with quickly.  The only thing i.e. skill you have got developed over time works.  It was one fine day when Mother Dairy, Nagpur team learned about the characteristics of an emergency situation and tried hands-on skilling ways to carry victims and make use of blanket/curtain/mat with or without logs to make a stretcher to shift non-responsive person to a nearest medical-aid point.