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Safety Officer is for compliance or for business gains??

@safetitude: Can somebody guess as how many industries would recruit safety officer for their organisation if there would have not been legal compliance need? Your guess figure is exactly the percentage who  in fact looks this profession worth for the business. 

How to form safety attitude that is safetitude?

@safetitude: "Safety is everybody's responsibility" led us to a situation where nobody feels it is his/her. will it not be appropriate to own it as "my responsibility".  Such is a situation wherein safety is adopted as core value and is integrated with each business activity undertaken in the organisation.

Similarity between profession of a Doctor and a Safety Officer

@safetitude: The profession of  a Doctor and a Safety Officer  is alike. Both professions require a through diagnosis of the  problem (cause of illness in a patient and safety issues in the organisation respectively) before arriving to a remedy. One can imagine the effect of a wrong prescription and a wrong safety program of improperly chosen medicine and Safety program. Therefore, success and failure of both professions lie across a very thin line.

Safety is everybody's job - means nobody is responsible!

Normal meaning from management point of view for responsibility is ‘duty to accomplish the task’. However, when it comes to workplace safety & health, responsibility acquires a greater and larger scope and extends beyond to mere completion of task. To improve safety, employee at all levels need to extend responsibility beyond normal meaning of it. Every person should demonstrate visible commitment for safety as his/her responsibility and must ensure that it is integrated with each activity being performed. Working to reduce injury or occupational illness should not be seen as responsibility of safety person employed with an organisation but it is applicable to all employee who execute the work or who get the work executed. It is fairly a challenge at the end of safety professionals and corporate leaders to build the kind of work culture that enables or facilitates responsibility for safety. Safety within the organisation will improve if a worker does an activity with a self-direc