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Happy weekend, merry Christmas, and safe & prosperous new year ahead.

@safetitude: A couple of days after we all would add one more year to our age and experiences. Someone will remember 2017 as a year of joy, someone as sorrow and many will not be there to say anything. Gone are past, left only memory with everyone of us. What coming ahead only is  worth capture and something worth for.  Let us welcome 2018 with renewed resolve to make globe a better place  worth living on. Each one of us irrespective of our position and status can do something for better tomorrow. You alone can not change world but certainly yourself  for better cause for the society we are a part of.  Happy weekend, merry Christmas,  and safe & prosperous new year ahead.

"No ZERO accident" to take as a goal is gaining acceptance

@safetitude: A couple of years back having influenced from a book on Safety, when I shared "ZERO Accident" may not anyway help in improving safety performance has great opposition from the audiences. People used to resist by saying - is it worth to plan for accident rather zero if I go by your thought? Anyway, through these years talking same in almost all occasions I got, today safety professionals are increasingly started believing  my share. I think, I am able to break this myth for the good of safety. So lets start taking achievement-oriented goals for safety to reach and sustain lower injury cases in our respective organisation.