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@safetitude:Safety costs nothing however buys everything.

@safetitude: Safety costs nothing however buys everything. The early it is realized, the faster would be the outcome in terms of Internal amicable relation, Company image boost, brand trust, stack holders increased share and all these for  sustainable growth of the business.  Let safety be integrated in all walks of life in order to thrive on the horizon of success

Will this ignorance help?

@safetitude: will the condition in the pic help fighting fire, if any and save life and property? This condition is not a scene in one industry or two but almost in most because the space near fire extinguishers seems to be only place to make advantage of for stacking materials.  Surprisingly every one ( from workers to managers) becomes ignorant to the situation because they probably fail to understand the importance of keeping fire extinguishers obstruction free.  I'm concerned as how much time is needed to change our ARBs to SBs?

Behavior Based Safety

It was indeed a great occasion to speak on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) to improve safety further in the nation wide prestigious projects of high value and scale executed by Rail Vikas Nigam  Limited(RVNL), Bhubneshwar (India). The program was attended by  33 officers including senior most officials. Even more pleasure was to receive the  program rating as EXCELLENT even by Senior Officers (CPMs) and "I think this is 1000th times better  to that of any recognition a Safety pros receives  from persons technically so superb in their fields. Thank you all, Sirs!!

What is safetitude?

@safetitude: We pros need to make strategy with action plan for implementation as how to influence attitude for safety. The pro safety attitude, called SAFETITUDE will help reduce accidents.

Pledge 2018

@safetitude: To fulfill 2018 pledge, a program " Safety Orientation" is planned on 15/16 Feb. in Pune (India). Happy to meet those wishing to take safety to a level up.

@safetitude: It's my pledge in the year 2018!

@safetitude: It's my pledge in the year 2018! Had said to share, so it's here.  Would like to devote two half days in a month to hold free  "Safety Orientation Program" for Senior most executives at work-site of any manufacturing  plant situated in and around Mumbai/Pune/Aurangabad/Nagpur in state of Maharashtra (India).  I volunteer to share extract from my hard learnt experiences over more than 2.5 decades  to change the mindset  of the top rung officials in the organisation to adopt safety as a business case for their organisation. Any one desirous may contact through contact details at contact page at giving all mandatory details. You may also write your comment, ask clarification etc through same route.