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Is safety performance a concern?

@safetitude:  RBA2S - has been developed with a great amount of rigor and is now being coined to help industry gains at any stage of operation through understanding clear-cut direction and efforts needed to build a robust Safety Management system.   In order to know the risks that an industry inherits in terms of human lives and economic loss at different phases of development, a comprehensive evaluation of each and every function/activity is undertaken and action plan is developed. Post-study you get a good stock of issues that can be resolved basis hierarchy control of risks as short-term or long-term goals. Priority may be worked out taking into account the combined effect (life and money equivalent of property damage owing to a probable accident) of risk. The system in a way guides to employ tailor-made interventions for consistent safety performance.  This system is Risk-Based Approach to Safety. 

Does it make a difference?

@safetitude: They were trying hands-on and turning their knowledge into skill on LOTO (Lock-Out Tag-Out) and Confined Space Working and I was experiencing through them the sense of satisfaction. When they will return back to their site, they would be able to avert accidents that happen in shut down jobs. It was an occasion when a team of Nalco Water India, Pune was doing exercises on simulator specifically designed for practical training having attended classroom session on Safety-On-Site (SOS) comprising a wide range of topics including WAH, CSW, and LOTO. Although it may be the training will not change the whole scenario on safety, certainly, help them get the job done safely under their supervision.

@safetitude: Global Accident Watch

Winning awards, getting recognition, acquiring a degree in the field of safety will mean something when the Global Accident watch slows down. Data published in 2013 by ILO at least indicates so. Isn't it perturbing that 250 M accident in a year ( old data as shown in pic) that keeps workers away from work should come down when we claim that safety is really improving?  Without a gloom connotation, I reiterate the need to work focused to bring a paradigm shift in our approaches to safety.  Every organization should not sit quietly unless they see that safety competes with other functions. They need to realize that safety is a business case that should find a place in business agenda.  I'm sure with this alignment, the accident won't pose a menace

The path to success!!

@safetitude: The path to success has never been without challenges. Everyone who got success has faced them by turning them into opportunity.  The absence of the courage to face challenges is the only difference between an unsuccessful and successful person.  Anyone who tells the story of his/her own success is only worth motivation however in order to be successful you need to make your own one and the only quality you should possess is courage. By this I mean, you may not be successful just following others' way of tackling the challenges.