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@safetitude: Control ARBs – Bring down ACCIDENTS!

@safetitude: Control ARBs – Bring down ACCIDENTS! There are many routines or non-routine kind of At-Risk Behaviours associated with activities one does at his/her respective workplace. These ARBs go noticeably or otherwise at all levels every day. At times a few of them become the reason of a near-miss and sometimes they got converted into life a threatening accident in slightly different circumstances. ARBs are at the stages of accident causation series which when controlled through application of various transformational approaches and techniques may help to avoid an accident and the last terminal event i.e. injury. Introduction of a system in which taking stock of the ARBs in a workplace and working with a systematic plan to replace them with SBs (Safe Behaviours) is a very effective way of improving and sustaining good safety performance. All programs that are run conventionally in an organization may be fitted objectively into this system with the ultimate objective to reduc