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Who does learn from accident with others?

It is age-old saying that learning from others mistakes and doing own course correction is a million dollars wisdom. However, this does not seem fits to safety fields. The reason, the accident we hear about or witness it happening at home, at workplace, at roads or anywhere else leaves us prudent for time being only.  The scene of accident remains very short-lived in our memory and very soon we started committing similar mistakes or accepting someone under our influence doing same.  I would like to mention a real case. It is case of a factory, where I had started my career in Safety section as Safety Officer. As my routine responsibility, I used to capture unsafe condition and unsafe act and put them into PPT for presentation in meeting at some next occasion. As any SO does, I used to show also non compliance in wearing helmet by a few workers and management people as well at work site. The Head of mechanical department had habit of not using helmet on regular basis while taking

Safetitude - Now a year’s Toddler

One year back on this day 6th July, a thought in the form of Safetitude (Attitude of safety) took birth. Since then, several campaigns to raise bar of Safety performance is on. In this journey, 51 articles and 106 posts as extracts of my experience of the HSE domain shared on e-media and are still counting on. Readers, mostly from the HSE fraternity have been kind enough in expressing with their “likes”, “comments”, ‘Query” and of course a few with “disagreement” too. The response from HSE practitioner is natural however; a few in numbers from other core business function is discouraging. The culture of good safety will never be flourishing unless this will become an integral part of values to all those (Sr. Executives) who are influential in their organisation.   On this day, I would like to say couple of other things candidly.  At times, I have been harsh in expressing my views with writing unconventionally so that older ineffective approaches to safety get replaced. Anger

Are we struggling with basics of safety ???

@safetitude: Sometimes I think what progress in safety has taken place so far? SOs are still struggling to make people understand correct use of industrial helmet in order to protect head from injury. Their most of the time spent in persuading employee and even senior management member to comply this basic safety norms. Many site safety reports still project deficiency like no use of helmet, no use of chin strip, improper head fit, broken /missing harness etc. Should we not apply newer approach to safety to pace with current challenges posed by ever increasing riskier processes and activities?