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Is safety leadership in you??

6 Traits of a Safety Leader You may not be a safety leader because you are Manager, HOD, Director, Adviser or like by position in your organisation but you need to own certain traits for this. Some traits are described here by which one can influence safety for better result in an organisation: 1. Behaviour (who u r): demonstrate what you believe " SAFETY PAYS" 2. Relationship (who u know): demonstrate to workers that you care  3. Knowledge(what u know):dive deep to understand the safety issue rather than helicopter view of the situation 4. Intuition(what u feel): make people feel that u will be there where people need you to advise them for safety. 5.Experience (where u have been):the greater u past safety challenges, the more likely workers will be willing to follow u. 6. Ability(what u can do): your might should make worker feel you r capable of solving the safety issue affecting their health and safety. For more information visit and c

How to know-"Total Safety Culture"(TSC) exists??

TSC is not a short-term easy to achieve mission. This situation in an organisation is result of a consistent effort with application of behavior based safety (BBS) that run over the years. Although many of us refer TSC for a situation when no accidents happen or manged for a few years. For an enduring safety in terms of TSC, following situations should be visible. Let check it your self and decide whether this exists in organisation of your concern. 1) Everyone feels responsible for safety and pursue it on daily basis even not under supervision. 2) Employee go beyond "the call of duty" to identify environmental hazards and "at-risk-behaviors (ARBs) 3) Workers intervene to correct these ARBs 4) Safe work practices are encouraged and suitably recognised 5) Safety is not shifted according to situation and is treated as value linked to all situational priority 6) Employee help others as "actively caring: 7) Employee are pen to discuss and resolve safe