Is anything wrong sloganeering: “All accidents are preventable”?

#Safetitude: Is anything wrong sloganeering: “All accidents are preventable”?
Up till 20 years back in my early career, I used to say same to motivate others in my efforts to improve safety. After reading the book on Psychology of Safety by E. Scott Geller, my idea changed for the way that I believe now.
There’s no harm having this optimism and working for this perfectionism but making workers believe in actually, inhibit achieving a Total Safety Culture (TSC) for higher safety performance. Reason being, workers in the atmosphere may be reluctant to admit they were injured or had a near miss. They try to hide and suppress the facts when they met with an injury. The fear that they may be held guilty if they report getting injured and also causing loss of reward of NO INJURY, will dictate covering up the real causes (as shown in the pic) that might be worked upon to avoid re occurrence. This way, the feedback from workers seize to be surfaced for working on remedial measures which in turn would facilitate a situation that leads to poor safety performance.
Therefore, this is not a slogan to focus attention on rather Safety pros should address issues related with dynamic human behaviors (accident contributory factors mostly) and work consistently for reaching ultimately to a fewer accident situation. Strategy to overcome human behavior for high safety performance is a subject to further deep dive into the subject matter.


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