#Safetitude- How dangerous is an Occupational illness?

Safetitude- How dangerous is an Occupational illness? We talk most of the time about the injury resulted from accidents but seldom pay attention to an occupational illness - a silent demon affecting millions of workers globally. It's not only affecting the well-being of workers that keep them away from work but is also a catalyst of causing secondary injury, leave apart the loss of productivity. One of the prominent occupational illnesses that occur mostly in FMCG, Pharma, Electronic, Textile, Tyre industry is manual material handling related one. It is a need in this industry to look into the problem and find the ways to avoid or at least reduce to a level that is manageable. Have undertaken an assignment of carrying out an assessment with the aid of a tool that is called as MAC Assessment tool to assess the risk factors in manual handling (Lifting/Carrying) that develops later into an MSDs if not attended to. Refer the indicative pic below to understand the severity of the issue.
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