#safetitude-Safety isn't a leisurely activity!

Many pros are heard admiring that they have a very robust safety system in their organization. Maybe true also. But is it also that workers have orientation, skill, and behavior to respect that system? Is only safety system ( in-built safe machine, safety interlock, safety procedure, PPE, visuals) alone able curbing accidents? After all safety procedure will help avoid an accident only when practiced, PPE will reduce the impact of an accident only when born correctly, safety interlock will protect from exposure only when not defeated. Many big companies do heavy investment on process safety but the investment on safety orientation of employee is ignored or neglected. Therefore, we witness severe accident happening in these organizations involving large-scale loss including multiple deaths. "Safety pays in all way" is a value one should realize at every moment while undertaking any activity. Safety must be integrated and hashtagbalanced considering all the factors responsible for accidents. So, safety isn't a thing to be adopted at one's ease, comfortable, or when at leisure.


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